Pinterest and Revision of my Goals

I decided to try Pinterest for my writing and writing ideas. For anyone interested in checking it out, you can find it at It’s a work-in-progress and I’m not sure of its benefit, or lack thereof, yet.

Also, I’m making two revisions to my goals for the 60 Days Writing Challenge. I’m about 1,500 words into Dir when I realized, even if I write this story, there is no way I can release it. To do so would spoil the secrets in books 2and 3 of the Sha’Madr Series. I may be able to use the material I wrote over the last two days, but it might be more of a back story for me.

So I’m scraping Dir. Tiwaz might still be written, but not right now. So my goals for the rest of the two months will be to:

1) Finish the edits of Loving the Goddess of Love. I have the last two chapters of Loving the Goddess of Love left.

2) Write Death’s Lover. I really want to start writing this one and I think it’s ready to be written. So starting tomorrow, I’m getting down to business with it.

3) Start working on Keeping Mhari. This will be the last thing I start. I need to rework the plot so that it fits in with Descendants of the Otherworld Series and change it to a different time period (Regency). So I’ll be typing it up when I get through with the other two goals.

What about you? What goals do you have for your writing? For those who use Pinterest, what benefits do you find with it?

7 thoughts on “Pinterest and Revision of my Goals

  1. You know I tried posting my blogs on pinterest but I never got any followers there so I quit. I guess it is working for you?


    • Thanks for commenting, Becca! I don’t know how Pinterest will work out for me. I sign up for it a little under a week ago and added some pictures. Last night I did some repinning. I don’t have a lot of hope for it to be much more than something for me, but who knows.

      Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. I stopped by your blog and loved your posts.


    • LOL I wish my yard looked that beautiful this year. The shallow well meant very little watering of the yard. That was a picture from a year ago when we had so much water it was like a swim pool in the meadow. I’m hoping to add more photos of the ranch to it.

      Cool! Good luck on your word goal. Can’t wait to see how it goes for you.


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