My Goals for the 60 Day Challenge

There comes those times in a writer’s life when they need something more to motivate them to write. Good reviews are more than welcome. Fan mail is always appreciated. Challenges are fun.

I’m not talking the NaNoWriMo challenges that forgets that some of us has a life and a family to take care of, and induces stress and ulcers in others. But a laid back challenge that allows you to make the goals that might push you, yet not shove you over the cliff edge. A challenge that motivates you and creates productivity, yet doesn’t make you cry because life intervened and you couldn’t accomplish what you were hoping to.

I hated the NaNoWriMo (either in May or November) when I did it. I felt rushed and a failure even though I manged to write 45,000 words in a month. Everything else suffered though and I vowed to never try something like it again. The 60 Day Writing Challenge is different. It allows you to who with your schedule. Anyone can try it.

I’ve made three goals for the next two months.

1) Write at least 1,000 words a day on current work-in-progress for the next 60 days.

Since I wrote 45,000 words of Loving the Goddess of Love in 30 days, I think 60,000 words is a doable task. It gives me room to breath if something happens to slow my progress.  I have three different works-in-progress, even though I hate working on more than one novel at a time. They are two short stories: Dir and Tiwaz, both will be about 10,000 words each. The third is Death’s Lover and should be about 60,000 words when I’m done (I have a good portion of the story already started).

2) Finish the edits of Loving the Goddess of Love.

I have the last two chapters of Loving the Goddess of Love left which have been giving me a great deal of grief. I think I’ve rewritten them about 3 times and they still don’t work. So I’m going to give it another go and hope this time it works. I’ve sent off the first part to a beta reader who doesn’t mind that there is no end at the moment. 😀

3) Start working on Keeping Mhari

I have this paranormal/urban fantasy erotic romance written, but since I’ve moved it to a different time period (Regency) and series (Descendants of the Otherworld), I’m going to have to do some reworking of the plot and outline the series I want to put it in. So this will probably be the last thing I do.

Happy Writing and Editing!