What Will Smith can teach us about sales?


Opened my inbox today and found “What Will Smith can teach us about Sales?” by Shannon of the Duolit team. There is some really great information in there for those looking to create a sound financial and marketing business plan.

The method she talks about isn’t for every author. But for those of you wondering how to make a profit from what you write, the strategy she mentions can help. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “What Will Smith can teach us about sales?

  1. I agree with Shannon. Writing for money is different from writing to express our creativity. Over and over, I see a lot of authors who want to make money. I think by looking at the common elements in bestselling books and imitating those elements (with a unique spin on it–the creative part) will help with sales.

    And as you said, there’s nothing wrong with writing and publishing books even if you don’t intend to sell the books. I don’t think every book out there has to be written to sell. Writing can be a hobby and publishing it is for the author’s enjoyment. 😀

    But if the goal is to make a living, then there has to be a strategy. Awesome link.



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