Writing Update and the 60 Day Writing Challenge

So I was hoping to have Loving the Goddess of Love done last week. Yeah, I know you guys are waiting breathlessly for me to finally finish the damn thing. Sadly, I didn’t get much done on it for a number of reasons:

1) Hubby let me know that his boss approved his vacation leave two days before we were to leave. Which might not have been so bad, if I wasn’t so busy that Thursday with business matters (went to see a lawyer about my writing/cover art business) and then helping a family friend collect and stack bales later that night. Friday was spend doing laundry so that we would have enough clothes for everybody for 10 days and packing. We left Saturday morning.

2) As I have learned, working on writing while traveling is hard and doing it while staying in hotel with 2 rambunctious kids is impossible. I think I managed to finish one paragraph the entire time.

I spent 2 days traveling to the Washington/Oregon Coast. 5 days beachcombing for shells and rocks (It’s a hobby that I love. 🙂 ) and spending time with my dad’s side of the family. I inherited my grandfathers ingenious rock polisher from my uncle and am looking forward to using it (I make my own jewelry which might just find its way into a store someday). A day in Redwood forest with the biggest trees I’ve ever seen in my life. And 2 days traveling home.

After this vacation, I think I need another one, alone. Just me and my computer so I can write and relax. Yeah right! At least I made a large dent in my TBR pile and will have the post up of the books I liked in a few weeks.

Tuesday, after taking my 1st Grader to school (we missed back to school night so I had to take her into school, since we had no idea who her teacher was and she was scared),  I had to run a few errands before returning to help hubby put away equipment.

It was Wednesday before I was able to turn on the computer, only to be greeted by about 300 emails in my inbox, some urgent, others not so much. I have spent 3 days whittling at emails, answering those wanting to guest post on SPAL and those wanting cover art, I’m still looking for comments that need to be answered and have my Inbox pared down to 47 unread emails as of Saturday.

I did get to start look over the last chapters of Loving the Goddess of Love by Thursday and working on it Friday and Saturday. I’m wanting this story done by Monday so I can start my 60 Day Writing Challenge. So I’m going to be buckling down and writing Sunday as much as I can.

For the next two months my plans consist of writing two short stories under Anne, followed by writing Death’s Lover, Thanatos’ tale under Stephannie. After the 60 days is up, I’m starting a new challenge to edit the manuscripts I have finished–hint, there are 22 right now, most under my Jonathan pen name.