Busy Work for My Writing Business


This week has been all about busy work for my writing business. Updating websites, blogs, and pages. Looking into protecting my family and myself now that I’m putting myself out there as an author, publisher, and a book cover designer.

Yesterday I went to my lawyer’s office to discuss the best business type for my writing, publishing, and graphic design business. Looks like I’m going from a sole proprietorship to an Limited Liability Company or an LLC. It’s a lot of busy work and while I could do it myself I just don’t have the energy or time to do it, so I passed it off to them. Yeah, it’ll cost more money then I really want to spend, but at least I know that they won’t miss steps or do more then required by the state I live in.

For those of you whoever been around my blogs for awhile, you know I created a publishing company name in 2009 and later abandoned it. Now it’s being resurrected, which means I have yet another website that needs to be updated. Though I’m not writing a blog for this website, it will have a newsletter/blog for the latest releases and news about the business. It can’t be helped. *shrug*

And on top of it all my hubby informed me yesterday that his boss approved his request for a vacations so…today is busy work for my business and the vacation we are leaving for tomorrow for the coast. I’m of two minds about it, I need the vacation to just relax, but I also have so much going on that I don’t want to leave. LOL

So what does this mean for all of you, well…

  • writing-wise, that last scene of Loving the Goddess of Love that I was hoping to have finished this morning and have it off to my beta readers by tonight, will have to wait. Meaning that Ruth will probably kick my ass (good thing I live in another state). And the writing of Death’s Lover will take a bit longer to write.
  • publishing-wise, Prudr under Anne Bheimon and Stephannie Beman will be available a day earlier than planned.
  • the Writing challenge that I have yet to announce will be delayed by two weeks.
  • cover design-wise, anyone who needs me to do a cover design for them will have to wait until I get back. The one person’s whose cover I’m working now will have a longer wait as I work on it during my vacation (only because U promised to get it done for them), and I’ll have to wait to finish the covers for Once a Valkyrja, Always a Valkyrja by Anne Bheimon, Nasty Business by Jonathan Heggem.

When I get back from vacation I imagine there will be a ton of emails waiting for me so I’ll have to wade through them first and then get back to work.

2 thoughts on “Busy Work for My Writing Business

  1. Consider your ass kicked. LOL 😉

    I’m behind as well. I decided to hand off my two stories to another editor for a final look through because I’m starting to get paranoid that I’m messing something up. It seems that no matter how much I go through a book, I miss something, so I don’t mind waiting while another editor combs through it. Plus, it means another pair of eyes looking over it instead of me (and since I read the book as it should be instead of how it is, I feel safer going this route).

    So anyone can get delays. 😀


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