Visitor’s from Google

Sounds like the title of one of those pulp fiction movies. “Visitors from Mars” or something to that effect. It’s not though, I was looking through the terms that brought some of you to my blog and thinking how in Tartarus did you find your way here with that search topic. So I thought I’d share some of the terms people Googled to find this blog this month.

The search terms that make sense

hades pictures

lord hades

hades creation

phlegethon daemon
I think someone actually read the book and wanted to know if there was an actually Phlegethon Daemon. Nope, I made that up. Although there is a river in the Underworld with the name Phlegethon which means fiery.

erotic books about aphrodite smashwords

erotic romance books involving the myth of persephone and hades

tartarus sex
This one doesn’t make as much senses, unless they were looking for books about sex in Tartarus, but then it wouldn’t really be a place of punishments. Unless…okay, so not going there.

persephone sex (there was also hades sex, hades and persephone sex)
I thought I understood these until I looked up the webaddress below (address doesn’t work) and realized I didn’t. I’m not sure I really wanted to understand it. Seems Hades and Persephone are the names of two people who have a sex website on the internet dealing with BSDM.

The ones that didn’t make sense
Looking this up made some of the search terms below make more sense. Go figure.

persephone sex games

man blindfold sex

ropes bondages

sex pussy in a cat

twisted mind bondage

pinterest rope scarf blindfold

free gay mythologyblog

i love my sister and my two brothers
I do too, but I’m probably not in the way these people must have meant it. Color me crazy, but it doesn’t seem so innocent a statement anymore.

hades pseudoname


watch persephone and hades sex

story of why love is blind

hard bondage pic