So is anyone part of Pinterest? How would you rate it? Good? Bad? Just another social network you have to keep up with?

I’ve heard it over and over again that Pinterest is a great platform for writers, like an office cork board for creative types. I’ve even stopped by to look at the chaos. Yes, I find it chaotic. I also find it different and very intriguing. I’ve been tempted to create a Pinterest board of my own for my writing.

I’m also hesitate to jump on the bandwagon though. I have a Linked In, Twitter, and a Facebook page that I barely do anything with. Mostly because there is no one there that seems interested in those sites. Maybe I should take a page from the book of an author I know and just stop all this social networking and just write. Writing sounds good. Although Pinterest sounds fun. Humm…

13 thoughts on “Pinterest?

  1. I can relate to this. Too many social networks and blogging AND trying to write novels.

    I do the blogging and networking from my iPhone, so that adds a bit of extra challenge and ease of distraction. My phone makes noise constantly.

    I did sign up for Pinterest recently and have yet to form an opinion. The app loads slowly on my phone and I haven’t found anything really worth pinning yet. My plan was to use it to find and keep inspirational images for my WIP’s. It’s not going very well yet. But we shall see.


    • It’s the same reason I was thinking of using it. For my WIP’s and for my published work. Make a series page and pin up pictures that remind me of the characters or the setting. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time though.


  2. I was pressured…er…coerced…er…encouraged, that’s better, to sign up for it, but frankly, I have no idea how it is beneficial from a writer’s standpoint. You “pin” pictures that you find around the web and comment under them. Then other people “repin” them if they like them.

    I don’t know if this is to get to know the author better outside of him/her just being an author or what, but I see no value for your writing career. However, if you like to keep track of neat ideas for crafts, home improvement project ideas, keep track of books you’ve read or written, find food ideas, read fun quotes, or if you have a certain hobby you like collecting pictures for, etc sure go for it.

    Just with blogging in addition to my actual writing, I’m pretty stretched. Twitter Facebook, and Goodreads take a backseat for me (and that would make pinterest firmly in the trunk) as I just don’t have time for those things. I firmly believe the next book is a better marketing strategy to reach more readers–and keep them happy–rather than promoting the same book over and over and over on any of these social networking sites.


    • LOL re @ “Twitter Facebook, and Goodreads take a backseat for me (and that would make pinterest firmly in the trunk).”

      I so hear you with that. I do nothing with Goodreads, so I’d say that is something that’s dragging behind my car somewhere. Facebook is definitely in the trunk for me. I think Twitter rides in the backseat and blogging is the side seat drive I wish I could pitch some days. 😀

      I’m starting to think social networking is just a time suck that I should just drop altogether. After all, I prefer blogs myself and that is where I hang out the most, commenting and making friends.


    • Thank you for commenting greenroomdesigns.That would be cool way to create a store front. And it would hopeful get you the business you need. Good luck on it.

      I thought I would try Pinterest out and see how I like it. I could always ditch the site later. 😀


  3. Over the years, I’ve always saved images, such as home decor ideas and recipes, on my hard drive. So for me, in this aspect, Pinterest is perfect. It can be fun and yes, like so many other sites – distracting. I’m still trying to figure out how to use it for my writing purposes though.


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