Lessons I’ve Learned from Reading Romance Novels

I was one of those kids you see that always has a book in their hand. I’ve been known to walk down the street with a book in my hand and never lose sight of my surrounds. My husband finds it fascinating that I can read and pay attention to the world around me. I know when the kids are about to do something naughty. 😀

I started reading romance novels shortly after my 14th birthday. I had run out of books from the library and I’d already read all the books in the house that I found interesting twice, so I took one of the books from my mother’s bedside.

Talk about yowaza. I don’t think I was prepared for the sex I found in the books. I know that I usually skimmed those parts just to read the good parts. I know, I was a strange kid. The sex didn’t attract me as much as the characters interactions.

I learned several lessons from reading romance novels.

  • I learned that we needs to face our sexuality which many of us have had suppressed by Victorian ideals (many of those ideals I’m not sure the Victorians even had).
  • I learned that we should seek out our happiness and not settle for less. This doesn’t have to be a man, and really if we aren’t happy with life, a man isn’t going to change that.
  • I leaned that we can’t hide from our troubles but that we have to overcome problems. Yeah, I know that the problems portrayed in romances aren’t always obstacles that we will face, but ignore the bigger one’s for the character obstacles that the hero/heroine must face. They usually have to face and overcome their deepest fears.
  • I learned that we have to work for our happily ever after, it’s not just going to be handed to us. The hero and heroine don’t give up at the first sign of trouble. They continual work on their relationship and the outside problems they face.
  • I learned that everyone is flawed, and yet, there is still redemption and love for them. They don’t teach you to change anyone, but that people will change when they want to and not before.

Romance novels show the stages of romantic relationships: lust, love, sacrifice, commitment in a more concentrated format. Weeks and months are boiled down to days.

What lessons have romance novels taught you?

2 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned from Reading Romance Novels

  1. I hadn’t thought of the stages of romantic relationships, but you’re right. They are in that order (lust, love, sacrifice, and commitment).

    I love the list of things you learned from romance novels. 😀 I couldn’t agree more.

    I think romance novels has taught me that it’s okay to get the best part of life. Some people can be too serious, and with romance, it shows you that having fun is okay. 😀


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