Writing with Style

Every writer has a style of writing. I’m not just talking about writer’s of books here. Any type of writer, be it a writer of personal letters or term papers. Every one who writes has a writing style, a voice. Sometimes that voice shines through their writing bright and clear. Other times its forced through a sieve and everything that makes the writer unique is edited and the pulp thrown aside.

Some, like me, do a little of both.

For the last month I’ve been examining my writing style, mostly because a friend made a startling discovery while reading my blog. She couldn’t see me in the writing. My voice wasn’t making its way to the paper, or in this case the computer screen.

How sad is that?

All the passion and flavor of my writing isn’t making it to the second most important places for my business. The first being my novels, of course. 😀

A blog is a place to showcase your writing style to those you hope to be friends with, to those who you want to turn into fans. But how is any of that suppose to happen when your voice isn’t making its way into your writing? Either you stop blogging or you learn to let go.

I’m learning to let go. I’m learning that the writing advice of my English teachers suck ass when it comes to writing blogs and to writing stories that people love. That all my years of learning to write better has also trained me to hold back, to edit what I say until it is watered-down version of what I started writing.

Writing advice isn’t always the best advice. And the best writing style is the style you don’t notice.

5 thoughts on “Writing with Style

  1. I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing like polishing a book to death to kill off the author’s voice. Without the flavor of the author’s voice, anything we write becomes stale and blends into all the other noise out there. When I think of the most memorable people in the public spotlight, it’s those who have an opinion and stick with it, and even if I don’t agree with them, I can see why so many are captivated by them. I think our writing should be the same way. Like you, I’m learning that I shouldn’t be afraid of letting myself come through in my blog posts. 😀 It’s easier said than done, but we all do it by baby steps.


  2. I can completely relate to what you are talking about. I would write something, then worry about if it sounds too unprofessional or not, ‘fix’ it, then wonder how it turned out so bland, then go right back where I started.


    • snappeasofhappiness, thanks for commenting. Writing is harder then people realize. We want to stand out, but not enough to cause trouble. We want to sound professional, but not boring. Etc. etc. 😀


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