5 Questions to Ask before Creating a Website

If you are looking to create your author website or update your website and are near frustration because you can’t find anything on author website content or suggestions on what should be on your website, I want you to start by ask yourself the following five questions. If you already have a website, use these five questions to evaluate your website.

1. What is the goal of your website?

Is it to draw readers to you? Is it to share your stories? Is it to sell books? Brainstorm some things you can do to accomplish this goal.

2. Who would be your perfect visitor?

Writers, readers, or any random person that comes along. Be as specific as you can be. Now think up some things that can draw in these potential visitors to your website.

3. What are you going to have on your Website?

Blog? Book pages? Store? LInks? Write down everything that comes to mind, you can downsize or expand upon this list later.

4. What are your passionate about?

What topics do you find interesting? What topics would enhance your goals? List everything you can think of.

5. What can I change to reach said goals for my website?

Is there anything you could do better or add to help your readers find what they came to your website to find? Remember, you have seconds to catch and hold your readers attention before they click away from your site.

Now take the answers to these five questions and brainstorm some ideas on an interactive, entertaining, and informative website and blog for your readers. Create pages that reach your goals.

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