Writing Update

Life has been insane of late. Last week we took a trip to visit my parents and siblings before the busiest time of the year lands in our laps. We’re getting ready to hay here on the ranch so a lot of things will be put on hold.

What I’m Working On

  • Revamping some of the pages on my website and updating others.
  • I’m making some changes to my blogging schedule and focusing more on certain topics.


  • I started writing the first draft of Ðir last week. It’s a short story that I’m shooting for 10,000 words on. While a short story usually only takes me few days to write, this one might take longer since I can’t focus completely on it.


  • I started my fourth round of revision and editing to Loving the Goddess of Love. It was a mess of broken subplots and even switched plots in the middle. It mostly cleaned up now, but needs a little tweaking before being sent off to my beta readers. I’ll announce a release date as I get closer to it.


  • I unpublished Once a Valkyrja for a number of reasons, main one is I wasn’t happy with it as it was. I want to make it a stand alone novel. The plan is to rewrite it and publish it under another title. But that will be for another day. 😀

Wishing all the rest of you the best of luck this week! 😀

4 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. Good luck with all you have to do, esp. on getting Loving the Goddess of Love and Once a Valkyrja. The larger the book, the harder it is to work through when you need to switch things around. I know it’s a pain. *fingers crossed your muse inspires you* 😀


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