Romance is in the Eye of the Beholder

I read an article where the man claimed that every woman was born with an innate knowledge of what is romantic while men have no such knowledge. He went on to state that he had created the website to give men a heads up or a leg up in the “competition.” As I read, I was reminded of the movie Hitch, but less sexy than Hitch. He’s more like the guy that wanted Hitch to teach him the tricks to bedding a woman. It was all about him, nothing about romancing the girl of your dreams because you love her.

I pretty sure every woman wants to be romanced. What people have to understand is that every woman and man sees romance differently.

There is no magic formula to what is romantic. There is no 1+1=2. Just because some woman find candles, a dinner out on the town, fluffy stuffed animals, chocolates and candies, flowers (usually roses), and gifts romantic, doesn’t mean every woman does. Some women go ga-ga over diamond engagement rings.

Romance is in the eye of the beholder.

The man’s list of proven romantic overturns would only work if the woman thought those were romantic. Although he did give men one piece of advice that raised himself in my estimation from sleaze ball to okay guy and that was “care about the woman you’re romancing.”

Maybe he learned the same life lessons as Hitch did. Hitch always made sure the guy loved the woman before he helped him. The lessons Hitch taught men in the movie was to find out about the woman they loved, to see them for who they were, and to be cool. He also taught that sometimes a big gesture gets a woman’s attention, and then you have to keep it. 😀


2 thoughts on “Romance is in the Eye of the Beholder

  1. I agree that what’s considered romantic depends on the person. There is a very popular book series out right now that proves this. Some women love it and find it romantic, others don’t find it romantic in any sense of the word. This of course is an extreme as the entire basis of this series is what’s either seen as romantic or not. But on a smaller scale, within each book or movie, every person who sees or reads it will walk away with which scene or gesture they found to be the most romantic, while still agreeing the book as a whole is romantic. An example of this is, I personally liked the romance between Albert and Allegra more endearing than Hitch and Sara. The reason is I like the nerdy guy and popular girl match up…to me it’s more romantic. LOL


    • Hey, Rose, thanks for stopping by!

      I loved the romance between Albert and Allegra. He tried so hard to show her how much he cared. It was also great that they were so good for each other. Hitch and Sara seemed more for comic relief and to show that even though he appeared to be the confident guy, he was still geeky.

      It me, they each had their points. What I found so unappealing was the jerk in the first of the movie who just wanted the secret to “getting a woman” so he could bed them and leave them. Ick!


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