Tired with no Creamer and Thinking…Bad Combo!

Dumb title, I know, but to be fair I couldn’t think of a good title to describe this post. Too tired and haven’t had my coffee yet, which is making me a little grouchy. Also have a headache from Hell.

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I’m sure someone is out there wondering why I don’t make myself a cup of Joe and drink it before I blog. Well, I ran out York Creamer, actually I ran out of all the yummy creamers in my fridge, and when I went shopping  last week I stupidly forgot to get more. I don’t even have whipped cream which looks wonderful in the picture. Coffee just doesn’t sound appealing without the creamer in it. Dammit!

So what is this post about besides me bitching about the fact that I have no creamer for my coffee? Well I decided to do an Update post and didn’t want to name it Writing Update #20. LOL

1) An Angel in Tartarus

This is the short story taken from the Loving the Goddess of Love, like a deleted scene for the book. I thought I’d publish it because while it didn’t need to be in the book, it is a subplot from the book. I’ve finished with the edits and the cover is done. I’ll be getting it ready for publication and announce when it’s up in the next week or so.

2) Loving the Goddess of Love

If this story doesn’t drive me mad, I’ll be shocked. Anything and everything that can go wrong with it has gone wrong. I feel as if I’ve been editing it forever. I’m nearing the end and I realize there needs to be another round of edits to the book. So it’s going to be a little longer and I’m sure there are some of you sharping the pitchforks and preparing the torches for a good old lynch mob. But in my defense, I’ll never do another NaNoWriMo again because the books are impossible to edit after.

3) Keeping Mhari

I’m holding off on publishing this book. I thought I was done with writing it, but last week when I was reading through it, I realized a few things. I may or may not write the series. As of this moment, the idea of writing anymore books in the series is unappealing. So I’m shelving the series idea and I’m making the book a single book release. Which means I have to wrap up all the lose ends and so I’m back to writing the end of the book and making it longer then it started. Not sure when I’ll have it finished or the cover done.

4) Once a Valkyrja

Yeah, I know, this book is already published. However, I just unpublished it. I’m scrapping the series for a number of reasons. I have no interest in writing it and no one seems to want to read it. Romances don’t do good in series format, which is fine. But it means this book is the next book on my list to finish. I’m just going to revise the story, end it, and republish it under a revised title and cover picture. This will be another single release with the short stories and possibly a novella to follow.

5) Death’s Lover

The Children of Khaos Series is my bestsellers, so after I finish the list above, I’ll be focusing on writing these books with the occasional single release. I’m looking forward to writing this novel and I’m a little antsy to get started with Thanatos’ story.

6) Pen Names

I’ve been debating using a pen name for some books I’ve wanted to write, even wrote about it in Writing another series of books under a pen name. Now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this pen name or not because the stories that I started to write were definitely a pitchfork and torch books for some people. But then I restructured the stories and I think I’m safe from the mob. The reason I was going with a pen name is there are some books that I would like to write that don’t fit under the paranormal or fantasy romance umbrella and placing them there would make them awkward stories. So a pen name was created to harbor all these stories I want to write, but didn’t know what to do with. Now there are two, one for romances and erotica, the other for fiction. Out of curiosity, is there anyone who wants to know the pen name?

4 thoughts on “Tired with no Creamer and Thinking…Bad Combo!

    • LOL I’m still going back and forth on whether to write the books as I meant them to be written and creating whole new stories. I’ll email you the pen name info so you can check it out. I’m still not sure if I want people to know yet. 😀


  1. LOL Leave it to Joleene to want to read the pitchfork version of the books.

    As for me, hand me the pitchforks and torches. My kids are home for the summer and bored, and it’d be nice to do something with the mounting stress. 😛


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