Ashes of Deceit Blog Tour: The Mother of the Vampires by Joleene Naylor

First I would like to thank Stephannie for hosting me and my giveaway (see details at the end of this post) on the fourth stop of the blog tour celebrating the release of my newest book in the Amaranthine series, Ashes of Deceit.

Not only is Stephannie a great person, but she is also a fantastic author. I love the way she takes mythology and tweaks it to weave her own tales. But then, I am a lover of lore. So much so, that I recently dropped into the (completely fictitious) vampire citadel to pay Malick, the head of The Guild and oldest vampire in North America, a visit. (Yes, he is my character, so I can visit him if I want. 😉  )

Alas, he was unavailable, but while I was there I browsed through his library and found an interesting tome of vampire legends. I thought that I would share one of them with you today:

The Mother of the Vampires

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery

Long ago, the father of all breathed life into the first humans and they were mortals. As Adam had Eve, so did Samael have Lilith. The men were as brothers, though one was fair and the other dark, while the women were rivals. From the very first, Lilith coveted Adam, both for his beauty and his gentle nature. She wished to make him her own, though in her innocence she knew not how.

Samael knew that he was not the object of his wife’s love, and his days grew dark. One afternoon, he wandered alone and came upon a talking serpent. (Many animals had voices in this time, and so it was not unusual.)  The serpent asked Samael what made him so unhappy and Samael told him.

The snake found Samael interesting, so, he offered to help him. He found Lilith bathing alone, and worked to convince her that she should love her husband. With no enthusiasm, she tried to do as he suggested.

Things went thus for some time. But the serpent, who was really Lucifer in disguise, grew bored with Samael and Lilith, so turned to Adam and Eve. The pair loved one another already, and so spurned the snake’s advice. With his pride injured, Lucifer raged to the Father, but He said only that Lucifer should mind his own business. Suddenly worried that he was no longer favored, Lucifer hatched a plan.

Disguised again as a serpent, he whispered foul things in Samael’s ear. He told him that Eve was purer and more beautiful, until Samael lusted for her. Then, one night when Eve was alone, the snake came to her with poisonous words about Adam, and so sewed the seed of doubt in her mind. In this way, Samael was able to seduce Eve.

Lilith found them together and was consumed by fury for, though she loved Adam, she had kept herself only for her husband. In her anger, she went to where Adam slept and lay with him, even as he was asleep. He woke to find her, but before he could punish her, the Father appeared in a thundercloud and cast the four of them from the Garden of Eden, cursing them to die in the waste lands.

Once in the waste, Adam and Eve realized that it was all the work of the serpent, and went their own way. Meanwhile, pleased with the Father’s anger, Lucifer visited Samael and bestowed upon him the gift of immortality, which Lilith demanded he share. When the Father saw what was done, he struck them both barren, lest they create a race of immortals, however, the gift of eternal life could still be passed from one to another by blood. For just as Lucifer himself could not create life, only twist it, so too could his gift only twist what was already created.

In her heart, Lilith still had love for Adam. She approached him, but even with the gift of eternal life, he refused her. Heartbroken, she returned to Samael for some time. As the years passed, Samael chose three wives from among the descendants of Adam, Naamah, Igrath, and Mahalath, and gave them also the gift of immortality, though he favored Lilith above them. Not only was she the first, and so more precious to him, but unlike the new wives she and he could transform themselves into dark creatures; he a bat and she a raven. This was not enough for Lilith, who after hundreds of years still pined for the long dead Adam, and so she left Samael and made her own way.

Lilith roamed the wide world. Adam’s decedents were multitudes, and she fed from them, preferring children, as she was barren and so felt that all mothers should know her pain, and striking down any woman who resembled Eve, for so bitter was her undying jealousy. As she moved from place to place, she shared the gift of immortality at random, while Samael refused to give blood to any but his three wives, and so it was through her that the vampire race was created and spread.

When Samael learned of this, he flew into a rage and hunted Lilith down. They fought a battle, so fierce that it leveled mountains. But Samael was stronger and so he cut out Lilith’s heart. Then he was overtaken by his love for her and so filled with remorse that he could not bring himself to destroy it, and instead kept it.

And so it has fallen through the centuries and it is said that any man who drinks from the heart of the raven shall gain not only eternal life, but a strength beyond measure.

Even more interesting than this story is this empty glass case in Malick’s library. I wonder what used to be in it? Rumor says he once had the heart of the raven in his possession, but it’s just a myth – isn’t it?

And now for the giveaway! One lucky commenter will receive a coupon code for a free ebook from Smashwords. Since this is a series, the winner may choose which of the books they would like to receive:

Book 1: Shades of Gray – Katelina’s “friend-with-benefits” is murdered for stealing something from a coven of vampires. Hunted as an accomplice, she must rely on Jorick to survive. But what happens when her knight in shining armor turns out to be one of the monsters?

Book 2: Legacy of Ghosts – For Katelina and Jorick, peace is hard to come by. Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick’s fledgling, but a common enemy isn’t enough to overcome previous betrayals.  Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must overcome old regrets, or lose their future to the ghosts of their past.

Book 3: Ties of Blood – A trip to Katelina’s home starts a chain reaction; she and Jorick meet Verchiel, a too friendly vampire, then the police arrest Jorick for kidnapping. Worse, The Guild wants to question them.  Will Malick, the head of the vampires, punish them? Or will the mysterious vampire following them do the job first?

Book 4: Ashes of Deceit – Katelina and Jorick must rescue a captured vampire and discover who kidnapped him and why. The truth isn’t easy to find. As Oren’s attack on the Guild draws closer, Jorick and Katelina are led back to the Citadel. When the flames of war ignite, can they rise from the ashes, or will they be consumed?

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  3. Hey…So the heart is still out there, waiting to be…something’d? And this is at the er heart of the Amaranthine series? And it’s all Biblical? Are you sure Lilith isn’t lurking the shadows ready to do you a mischief, Joleene? Spilling secrets is at least as bad as spilling blood to some people. Thanks for a good read.


  4. I was wandering more about Lilith and now I know and I find it intresting….it seems it was a good thing Malick was gone when u were there….im sure he doesnt want anyone to know if he does got it….but I cant to see if who does.


  5. I have never been into following a group before like I am this story. Just found out about these blogs and I am loving them 🙂 Can’t wait to find out more about the history of them.


  6. I almost feel bad for Samuel, given his wife’s undying devotion to Adam. So if you take a vampire’s heart and put it in someone else’s body, will the vampire live through that person?


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