Drinking and Writing, Bad Combo! Or is it…

I am a drinker with writing problems.
~Brendan Behan

Found this quote after publishing a post and it reminded of the night I was talking to Ruth on IM. Actually I was writing a short story and decided that this should be one of the rare occasions when I should have a drink to loosen me up.

In my defense I thought it would be helpful. They should put a warning label on the bottles or the shot glass I was using.

Warning Stephannie!
Mixing alcohol and  writing is bad.
It will result in no filter whatsoever
and lots of editing later
just to keep your ass out of line of the firing squad.

Anyway, I had a few shots and was pretty loose with my writing tongue and plowing ahead when I thought it would be a good thing to see if Ruth was on IM. It’s a good thing I choose somewhere safe, because one of the first things she asked me is what would I do it a situation where a bunch of writers tore apart a teenager’s writing that was far superior to theirs.

I let a loose a tirade that would have had my mother blushing and asked where this was happening because if it was online I was going to give them all a piece of my mind. It’s probably good that I told her I had a little to drink, that she never told me where it was, and that she  distracted me with another question.