…But neither does Speedy and Erratic

I mentioned yesterday that slow and steady doesn’t always win the race but I can also say that speedy and erratic doesn’t either.

I’ve watched authors rise quickly in the rating ranks in the bookstores. I’ve mentioned that they are hare, running at breakneck speed toward the imagined end of the race. Many of them have the rose-colored glasses on that makes them think that only if I do this, this will happen because it worked for so-and-so.

It’s not true. What works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

I’ve seen it written blogs that if such-and-such author is tried but if they stop for one moment or are distracted at a vital second, they’ll lose their spot in the ranks and the race. It’s almost laughable and sad. Because in some ways they are right. In other ways they are wrong.

Writing books and publishing them is a business. Businesses can be hard to maintain and grow, but not always. Businesses with strong foundations thrive later and are usually built at a slow and steady pace. You don’t want to miss a vital step that could weaken the structure and bring it crashing down around you later.

Once the foundation of your writing/publishing business is set, it’s time to focus on building the business. Books are your product and they need to be written fairly quick and published fast, hopefully without sacrificing quality.

I think the middle is a better spot to be in. Yeah, slow and steady has its perks, but so does speedy without the erratic. Maybe a better motto should be “swift and steady wins the race.”