Dreams are Strange

I don’t know about the rest of you, though from reading other blogs, I’m starting to think I’m not the only one who has surround-sound, big as life, in your face vivid dreams. Usually they’re cool. Last night wasn’t so much.

Lately I’ve been having these weird ass dreams that start out nice and move quickly into the realm of borderline nightmares.

They’re not zombies and the apocalypse scary. Or aliens and predators come to small town USA to play scary. More like “Because I Said So” frightening with a twist of Sound of Music. And yes I find both these movies terrifying.

Regardless, I’m still wondering why my subconscious needed me to see this particular dream, because if this is anywhere near the tripe on my mind that I’m refusing to face, I need a new brain. Anyone want to volunteer for a brain transplant? I will warn you to watch for idea lightning and thought tornadoes. They have a screwed up way of not making sense. Think Doctor Who and his maddening way of talking fast and not always coherently, but without the regenerative powers or the cool “I’m so much smarter then the rest of you, so keep up” mentality and less running around.

Yes? No? Oh well.

Back to my subconsciousness drawing out the assine and showing it to me like the puppet theater horror show–though taken literally I’m not sure why puppets would be scary unless they were Pinocchio or Chucky–maybe I should just deal with it so

I can move on to way better dreams that show me just how screwed up my brain really is. Or maybe that just how fun my brain really is? Um…

I mean who has dreamed that they took their house, which BTW is smaller than most apartments, jacked it up so a basement could be added for their step-daughter’s boy to live in. Did I mention that I have a step-daughter who lives with us? I think I did.

And removed the roof to build a second floor for my sister-in-law and her daughter to move into. So all the girls: my 2 daughters, step-daughter, and niece are living on the top floor. Sister-in-law, hubby, and me are living on the main floor, albeit different room for the sister. And boyfriend is living in a bachelor pad/man-cave in the basement and has changed his look to the disco era. (So there is no confusion, boyfriend doesn’t live with us. Guess my biggest fear is that he might want too. So not going to happen!)

While this all is nightmarish enough, my mind added to it. We sent boyfriend and step-daughter out to feed in the dark and they got lost. Yeah right! Her mother called wanting to speak with her daughter. Then there were flashing lights and policemen dragging hubby off to jail for assaulting his ex and him protesting his innocents. They told me the bail and I knew with all the renovations that we did to the house that we couldn’t afford it. Family was blaming me for him being in jail and not having the money. And just when I was about to cry at the injustice of it all, the bull walked up to me on two legs and started humping my back.

No, I’m not into bestiality. It’s not even on my list of private fantasies. It just so happens that my hubby was the humper and it just translated into my dream. Walking up from that was never so good, what came later was even better. And no I’m not giving you any details! LOL

I’m taking a few things away from this dream:

  • Boyfriends do not belong in the house, ever. Living, dead, or otherwise.
  • My house is 200 years old and perfect the way it is, there will be no additions of a basement or a second story to it. Though we might go a little redneck and park the camper at the back door for an extra room. And no it will not be for the boyfriend!
  • Only the 5 of us can fit in this house, albeit, tightly. If sister-in-law ever moves out of her nice townhouse, she’ll have to find an apartment.
  • No sending kids to feed in the dark. There is nothing wrong with feeding cows in the daytime. It’s so much safer.
  • Ex-spouses suck. Glad I don’t have any.

Lessons learned.

2 thoughts on “Dreams are Strange

  1. Ha ha! you are picking up my terrified brain waves! With my mother’s poor health we are looking into buying a house (we rent now) and moving her AND my brother (so we can then afford all the payments with the two household incomes) and the house we are looking at is one house away from my sister-in-law – who um.. well, we’ll leave it there – and three from my father & mother-in-law…. *shudder* I am the only one who seems t think this may not be a good idea….

    as to your dream sounds scary to me!! I often have the big, in your face, movie magic kind of dreams myself 😉


    • I see so much wrong with that. 😦

      Having relatives as neighbors suck ass. Icky and wrong on so many levels!

      My hubby thought my dreams were crazy, odd because he didn’t have such vivid dreams. LOL


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