10 Days In

I’m ten days into my scheduled balancing act and I’m doing better than I expected. Although, in all fairness I really didn’t expect to get past day 3 with any semblance of an intact schedule.

There are those days that I don’t see as much progress as I could have wished for, but there are those days that more than make up for this.

Example being: Tuesday night I had no book cover designs that needed to be done so I was free to work on Loving the Goddess of Love. In the hour and half I worked on the edits and rewrites, I got through two chapters and added 4,000 words to the book. Wednesday morning I accomplished the same amount of work, edited two chapters and added about 5,000 words, and it took me about five hours to accomplish because the little one wanted more attention that day.

I’d play a few games with her and/or read her a story and then spend about 40 minutes working on the book. Now I could never do this if I was writing, but editing is different. Like book covers, I can start and stop working whenever I need to.

I’m hoping to keep this pace up until it becomes a solid routine. If I can do this through the summer and into the winter months when my schedule will clash with my husband’s swing shift schedule, I think I might just have more then one release a year. It might be closer to two novels and a few short stories. 😀

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