Posting My Schedule to Keep me Accountable

After writing It’s All About Balance and I Decided on a Schedule and Now I’m Making it a Routine, I decided to Post my new schedule to keep me accountable for it. If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself, whether or not anyone else cares, if I post it I work harder to make it happen.

I found the best way to start my morning, beside my first cup of coffee or tea, is to look over my to-do list while my computer boots up. Then I jump right into writing or editing my current WIP. I should mention at that my day usually starts at 6am , M-F because I have to get my youngest ready for school and on the bus by 7am. So I start my writing time after I send her off. On Sat. and Sun. I sometimes get to sleep in, if not I have to start breakfast before I write.

I try to get at least 2 hours of writing or editing done and no more than 4 hours. I set this limit on myself because I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t, I will over do it and I’ll burn out. I’ve tried page count and word count goal, but they only made me feel like a failure when I didn’t reach them.

At the end of my writing time, I mark off all the tasks that I accomplished during that period and write down notes of what I need to do tomorrow. This way, when I start my day all I have to do is look at my schedule and know where to start. This has saved me time and useless staring at the computer screen. 😀

Then I write a blog post, or a few if I’m in the mood before I check emails. If I have any emails or blog comments that I need to responded to I do that first. Business related newsletters and blogs are next. I shut down my computer for the day and start my other responsibilities and spend time with my kids.

After I get my kids off the to bed at 8pm, I’m ready to start working on book cover designs. I look at my to-do list while my computer is booting up. I check emails to see if there is anything “urgent” for me to respond to, changes that needed to be made to a cover, or new clients before I start working. I do not read blogs or business newsletters, that will wait until tomorrow.

I like to schedule tasks at the end of the day that allow me to wind down and relax from the day. I find writing at night makes it hard for me to sleep. I’ll work for an hour or two and then mark off what I accomplished and write down what I want to accomplish the next day before I head to bed.

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