I Decided on a Schedule and Now I’m Making it a Routine

I mentioned needing balance in life and in my various jobs a few days ago. Because of the demands being placed on me, the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all, and not getting to any of my editing and writing. Well, I decided it was time to add a little structure to my day.

I know there are those who believe that I’m uber-organized and have an already life-structured life. Ha! If they only knew. 😀

Well, I started the whole endeavor off with making a list of all my usual responsibilities, appointments, holidays, and birthdays. Then I wrote down the time that best suits me for certain tasks (i.e. writing, editing, marketing, housecleaning, etc) and my writing and publishing goals for the year. Then I figured in my husbands and my working schedules and my kids school and play schedules.

Once this was done I had to sit down and study it all because I needed a schedule that would allow me to spend time with my kids and husband, do my housework, take care of the ranch, write and edit and market my books, and  work on book cover designs for clients.I would have to make sure that once I created the schedule I could stick to the demands that it would make.

From the chaos my schedule emerged. It was much like the Thing emerging from his swamp. All green and slime covered, with bits of things growing around him, and moaning “Why? Why?!”

Because a daily routine is imperative. Without it I’d get nothing done, dammit! 😀

So now I have to stick to the schedule I created long enough for it to become a routine or learn what works and what doesn’t. For the moment it seems to be working. Yay!

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