It’s all About Balance

If I learned anything over the last few weeks of my absence from online activity, social networking, and blogging, it’s balance and priorities. Where are my priorities? Where should my priorities be? What can I do to achieve balance in my life and my jobs?

Yes, you heard right, JOBS. As in more than one or two.

You see,  I’m not just a writer. I’m also a mother of two daughters that can get into more trouble in five minutes then my younger brothers could in a day. They became my  first job.

I’m a wife, which is more a part-time job as my husband is pretty self-entertaining, but it’s still work to keep a relationship going. It’s something that I have to balance with my job as a mother. This is my second job.

Then there is my job as a ranch hand. This can be a full-time job in the Summer and Fall. It’s about an hour long job in the winter when all I have to do is feed and load hay in the truck. In the busy time of the year, Saturday to Monday are set aside for ranch work. This is my third job.

While writing was my first job, even in my teen years, it is now my fourth job. It’s also the one that gets placed at the end of the very long to-do list. Yeah, I would like to make more money doing it, but I have little time to write and no time to market. This makes it the hardest one to do, because lets face it, not having a block of time to write makes it very hard.

Then about two months ago, I decided to add a fifth job to the list. Yeah, I know, glutton for punishment. But I could really use the money to supplement our income for when my husband retires in a few years and to support my writing career. So I decided to help a friend out and become a book designer.

I didn’t think it would be so demanding. Shows how little I know. 😀

But it is making money, enough to add to our bank account and cover expenses. It’s also taught me that I need to schedule my days better and balance all my jobs before I burn out. So I’m trying an experiment this week.

This morning was the first day. I’m starting the day with writing. Today I edited my short story Prudr. I added about 1,000 words to the story. I have about 1,000 more to reach my goal of 8,000 words.

At the end of my writing time I checked emails for anything I needed to respond to, before writing this blog. Now I’m heading out to spend some time at the ranching and with my daughter. Tonight I’ll work on a book cover for a client after the kids go to bed, hopeful I’ll finish it so I can start another one tomorrow.

Well I better go, but before I do, anyone want to share how they balance life and work?

9 thoughts on “It’s all About Balance

  1. Balance is a hard one. I’m still struggling with it. Motherhood is a very hard and demanding job. Second to that is being a wife. 😉 Writing sort of falls into the “when I have time” slots, but the problem is that being a wife and mother aren’t jobs you clock into and clock out off. You’re on call every hour of the day.

    I’m going to sit down and write a list of things I want to do and what steps I need to use in order to get them done. I need to order them from a scale of 1-5 on their importance to better understand how necessary what I’m doing is. We’ll see if I can stick to my importance list. 😀


    • Balance is a hard one. I think more things get in the way of my writing then should be allowed. In the three days that I’ve been doing the writing first thing in the morning, which is something I use to do before I started checking emails instead, I get more done. Like Prudr short story, I’ve added nearly 2,500 words and almost finished editing. I’ll do one more read through, or let the computer read it to me and then it will be published. Before I’d be luck to get to writing at all in a day.

      Good luck on your list and keeping to the things that are important, though I hope talking to me on IM is on the top of that list! LOL Truly, IMing me should be on the time waster list unless you need advice on something. 😀


  2. Hope it works out! I have yet to figure it out, LOL! i have tried scheduling time allotments for each thing and it never works. I don’t have the “mom” thing, but instead I have a mom who needs taken care of, so it ends up balancing out to be about the same I guess….


    • So far so good. I’m using online time as a reward for getting my writing done. Can’t use the Internet until I finish my writing goal of the day. Then I do covers at night when I don’t need to stay as focused. Walking away from a cover design is not like walking away from writing and then trying to get back into the writing groove. I can always return to a cover and get back into the groove. 😀


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