I’m Taking a Vacation to Work on Writing

Yep, I’m taking a vacation. While speaking to a writer friend last night and expressing yet again my chaotic thoughts on my writing business or lack thereof, I made a decision. Not only will I be taking a vacation to work on writing. I’m taking a break from Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, and Google+. They are sucking up way too much of the time I don’t really have. And I’m wondering if they really make a difference.

I’m also taking time to step back from it all and take a long look at what I want, what I’m working towards, and how I plan to meet those goals. I can’t do that with all the distractions going on. So I’m returning to the basics and possibly infrequent posting schedule.

I will be writing and hopeful make all my self-imposed deadlines for book and short story releases for the year. Wish me luck. And good luck to all of you!

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