Where has the Iron Queen been these past 3 years? Why isn’t she ruling her kingdom?

Few know that the Iron Queen hasn’t been sitting on her throne these past few years, even fewer know where she has disappeared to or why.Rumors run from being in hiding from Coronus to taking a vacation with her lover to recovering from Coronus’ attack to being held prisoner by her mother.

Regardless of her whereabouts, Mount Olympus is now a buzz with news of her. Zeus has commanded her mother to produce her daughter at the upcoming party to celebrate the Olympians victory, where he will bestow upon his allies their rewards.

While digging around, this reporter found that the Iron Queen disappeared around the same time that Coronus was brought home from Tartarus with his power drained and his skin nearly burned from his body, and no answers as to what happened.

Speculation has placed the Iron Queen as being responsible, but no one is talking, so it can’t be confirmed. Doesn’t keep people from talking or rumors flying. Seems that Iron Queen is on the auction block of marriage and the gods are already vying to have her.

3 thoughts on “Where has the Iron Queen been these past 3 years? Why isn’t she ruling her kingdom?

  1. Wow! This is such a brilliant idea. I love how you get to gossip about your characters and keep people interested while you work on new books. Would you object if I had a go at this whole thing on my own website? I think it would be the most amazing way to get a new perspective on the world I’m writing about!



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