Þrùðr’s Punishment: Not What People Expected

Þrùðr’s fate has been decided. The council has spoken. The verdict is not what Nord or the Norns would have liked, but it’s also not what they people seem to think it should be.

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If they really paid attention to the words of Councilman Markein as he handed down her sentencing and took upon himself her keeping, they would realize that her punishment is only a reprieve. She hasn’t avoided punishment.

Þrùðr must prove herself chosen of the Goddess, a true Seer of the Goddess; or the punishment she has escaped will be fall upon her, and at the head of the mob will be Nord. Unless she proves to be something other, something stronger as Councilman Markein seems to imply.

Now if they can only find Þrùðr and tell her the news. She seems to have disappeared after that first council meeting. The rumor is she’s running. I think she’s hiding and it’s not from Nord and his ilk.