Coronus to be Judged! What will Zeus do to his Father?

With the end of the war, it is time for the sentencing of the prisoners. Rumor has it that Coronus was found on the battlefield with his guts torn from his bloody body. A few days healing and he was ready to come before King Zeus for sentencing with the other severely wounded prisoners.

The turn out for the event was spectacular as Gods, Goddesses, and allies hurt by Coronus’ rule arrived at the palace on Mount Othyrs to hear the final say of their new King. Many of the prisoners begged for forgiveness which was granted, but not in a way they expected. No freedom shall be found for the war criminals. They will pay for their crimes.

The last to appear was Coronus. Though slow-moving and in obvious pain, he was shackled like the criminal he was. Brought before his own throne and made to kneel before his son. We thought he might get off lightly as it is his son sitting upon the throne. But the ramifications of his sentencing can not be full understood.

Coronus was stripped of his power, his rank, and sentence to reside in Tartarus until such time as he has paid for his crimes and released by its ruler. Who knows when that shall be as the Ruler of the Underworld, the feared Iron Queen, is strangely missing from her throne these past three years.