Þrùðr on Trial!

Nord has contested the claim of the Norns and placed Þrùðr on trial for the desecration of the burial cave. Nord claims that Þrùðr isn’t a Seer of the Goddess and has no special abilities that should protect her from the punishment of the Tribe. Many of the Tribe members seem to agree with him. They’re calling for blood and Nord seems more than ready to give it to them.

The Norns paint another picture of events. They claim that Þrùðr has every right to be in the caves. They say that she communicated with the souls of the dead and learned the reason why so many have remained with their bodies instead of moving on as is proper. That now that their stories are known they have finally been set them free to be reborn.

Þrùðr didn’t speak in council. She allowed the Norns and those seeking her death to fight it out without a word in her own defense. One might have thought her indifferent to her fate, but there was something unnamed about her. This reporter would swear that Þrùðr is waiting. She has a plan and it involves neither of the parties fighting over her.

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