The War is Over! The Olympians Win!

The battle that started earlier this morning is over. The War is over! The Olympians have won!

Coronus and his minions have been captured, and while it might have been a shock days ago, now it seems inevitable. Already I hear the doubters rebuking others, “How could they doubt the might of the Olympians?” Funny isn’t it, since our hero is neither Olympian nor really an ally, but a vengeful prisoner of Coronus.

When we first saw Hades, he was a half-starved, abused man who barely capable of holding his own body up let only bring the defeat of the Titans. Well I guess we were wrong. Hades proved himself more vicious than his enemy today.

In one day Hades has had his revenge against his ancient foe. The black armored warrior we saw in the midst of the battle was none other than Hades himself, dressed in his old armor and carrying his famed sword that he stole from the armory of Mount Othyrs. How he slipped into Coronus’ lair and preformed his acts of sabotage shall forever remain a mystery.

Hades was the only one left standing on the battlefield to greet the new king of the Olympians Zeus. Rumor says Zeus asked him to join in the round-up of the prisoners and Hades refused before he disappeared. Makes me wonder where he went? How about you?

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