Blood Bride Series: Changes to the Series

I was talking to my writer friend Ruth the other day when she gave me a challenge, one I can’t seem to get out of my head and I’m really thinking of trying. She decided to try writing a Regency novel, moving away from her Historical Western Romances for a moment, and was curious to know how I would write a Regency novel.

The Challenge part came in when she told me I should write a Regency because I seem to know a lot about the time period. Hmmm…Okay. But it’s not going to be a regular Regency Romance. I just can’t do it. I need my paranormal elements. It’s what I’m know for as an author. But I don’t want to do a Vampire Regency Romance, although I wouldn’t mind seeing my other writer friend Joleene write a Regency with her vampire hero Jorick. Hint. Hint! HINT!

Okay. So I don’t do subtle hints. ūüėÄ

I’ve decided that Regency England will be the perfect setting for the Blood Bride Series, starting with Keeping Mhari. For those of you who don’t remember the premise of the series, let me refresh your memory, I know mine needs a refresher course after being submerged in the Children of Khaos World so long.

Escorts. Mistresses. Concubines. Courtesans. Brides. And wives.

We are all of these and so much more. We are the most ancient of daemons. Emerging from primordial waters before life began. We are true immortals. We are Blood Brides, and we have four basic rules: #1, never fall in love; #2, never trust anyone with our secrets; #3, never create a permanent bond ; and #4, never lose your head.

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