Two Unknown Warriors Take the Field

Not sure where Lord Hades was before the battle or even when the battle started. As the armies of the Olympians and Titans clash on the field of battle, two strange warriors appeared in the heart of the battle. They wore armor black as night, that seemed to subdue the very light  around. Their wicked swords, the jagged blades red with blood, carved a path through any that stood in their way.

The largest of the two seemed more intent on striking down any Titan or possible ally. The smaller of the two didn’t seem to care, anyone within reach was fair game. Was the first the famed Hades?

It was impossible to tell, though whoever the warrior was, he fought with terrible grace and deadly aim. Anyone who came before him fell. If this warrior is Hades, it’s no wonder Coronus wanted him to remain in Tartarus, because watching this battle, I have no doubts that the Olympians will win.

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