Norns Lay Claim to a Seer of the Goddess

Last week when I visited post-apocalyptic Earth, I was met with speculation over What the Norns Took from the Burial Cave? Rumors ranged from a dead body to a robe full of bones or possibly burial goods from the dead. No one sure what to expect from the Norns, after all they aren’t bound by the laws of shifters or humans, but by spiritual laws of the gods.

Nord confronted the Norns about their activities and what he learned shocked the Tribe. The newest member of the Tribe, Þruðr, who also warned the hunters of disaster on the hunt, seems to have to breached the caves to speak with the dead. We aren’t sure why she took such as risk since it’s an action punishable by death.

Only that Kanra, the leader of the Norns, seems to have claimed Þruðr as being under their jurisdiction. “She was called there by the spirits of the Dead to witness their lives and free them of this world for rebirth,” Kanra told us. “Her activities in the caves were of a spiritual nature. She was only following the will of Hela, Goddess of the Dead as a Seer for the Goddess. As such she is beyond Nord’s laws.”

When we asked Nord about the events, he told us, “The Norns’ think they are beyond the Laws of the Tribe. They’re protecting a child who is the foster-daughter of a friend from punishment. It can’t continue this way.”

By the Laws of the Tribe, the Norns are within their rights to claimed her as one of their own, however, Þruðr must now prove their claim on her own. Is she a Seer of the Goddess as the Norns claim? Or are they trying to protect her from punishments as Nord claims?

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