What did the Norns Take from the Burial Cave?

Last night, an eyewitness saw the Norns leaving the burial cave with what looked like a body, but was it? Was it a dead body? Was it a robe full of bones? Or was it something else?

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The popular theory seems to be that the Norns are robbing from the dead. Such an act would be punishable by death in order to appease the offended spirits. “We can’t have the angered spirits seeking retribution on the whole Tribe for the actions of three women,” the Shaman told this reporter.

Another popular belief is that the Norns haven’t actually removed anything from the cave that belonged there. That the body like shape they were seen dragging into their home was actually a living being. But who would be foolish enough to trepass into the land of the dead and anger the spirits or bring down a death sentence upon their head.

Clan Leader Nord was overheard saying, “The Norns have been too long held unaccountable for their actions. Removing a body from the caves would be unforgivable, regardless of whether it was living or dead. It living that person should be brought to justice. If dead the very act is disrespectful will be punished.”

So what exactly did the Norns take from the caves? All we have is speculation.