Stephannie Beman, Kyala, and Ares Talk it Out

Well Mary has answered Kyala’s letter. In a surprising twist of events, we had our author Stephannie Beman, Kyala the tree nymph, and the God of War Ares,  all show up to talk it out. Here is what was said:

Stephannie: LOL Thank you, Mary! Both Kyala and Ares do need to get some hobbies.

Ares: I had a hobby, you stole her from me.

Stephannie: Aphrodite isn’t a hobby. She’s a woman and she’s totally in love with Hephaestus.

Ares: Only because you made her that way. In the mythologies she was my woman.

Stephannie: Which ones? Because there are a few and in those few, yes you ended up with Aphrodite after you cuckold her husband and he divorced her. In other mythologies, she didn’t end up with either of you. I took creative license when creating my worlds, that’s why it’s called fiction.

Kyala: Well, I don’t care about that, I want to hear from Dave. He’s the one that started the Characters for a Better Treatment Union. He should be talking, not his woman. *pouts* Besides, I found some more characters who want to join.

Stephannie: Like who?

Kyala: Kara, Morpheus, the Furies, Hermes, Apollo, Hera, Coronus–

Stephannie: Wait! Coronus? What were you doing in Tartarus, Kyala? Does Hades and Persephone know you where there?

Kyala: Umm…No. They were busy.

Stephannie: What else have you been doing?

Kyala: *shrugs* Trying to help Dave find characters for his Union. I contacted a few other characters from other authors. I also tried to find Dave to ask him about it.

Stephannie: Kyala!

Kyala: *crosses arms in front of her chest* Well unless Dave says he’s not doing it after all, I’m not stopping. And even then….

Stephannie: Don’t threaten me, Kyala, or I’ll give you to Ares.

Ares: You wouldn’t!

Stay tuned to see if Dave or Mary have a comeback.