Mary Larsons responds to Kyala’s Letter

Kyala seems to have written a letter to Dave Larson and added fuel to the flames that she might just have the hots for Dave Larson.

Dearest Dave,

How could you be so mean to me? I’m supporting your cause for Characters for better Treatment Union. I’m supporting your boycott of Ruth.You are right, everyone should boycott her books. Look at the misery she causes.

And what is wrong with the way I dress? Not only am I wearing more than most people do in 2012, but I’m also wearing more clothes than most people wear in my own time. But for you I’d be willing to wear those ridiculous, cumbersome dresses Mary and the others wear.


We learned from Ruth Ann Nordin’s blog that Ares, the God of War has also tried to join this Union for the Better Treatment of Characters. He wrote:

D, I heard from my girl Ky-what’s-her-name the you made a Characters for the Better Treatment Union. I want in, man. My author stole my girl and gave her to my ugly brother. Then she twisted Aphie’s mind into thinking she was better off with him and not me! Then when I finally come to terms with that and start liking another girl, she goes and gives her to Hades! Stephannie is twisted, she needs to be stopped!

Mary, not Dave responded to Kyala’s last letter and she told the author Ruth in an Interview that Dave was bored and looking for something to do. That characters such as Kyala and Ares should bug their own author and not Ruth.

She also went on record as saying that the immortal gods need to “take up a hobby to occupy them so they aren’t bored enough to try to join unions.  Then we can all let this matter drop and go back to our stories.”

I’m with Mary on that one guys, the Union for the Treatment of Better Characters is a lost cause. All complaints you might have, can be sent to Stephannie Beman, I’m sure she’ll listen.