Disaster! 12 Die on the Hunt!

While the procurement of food for the harsh winter has been a success it is over shadowed by death. Disaster has struck the hunting party. Twenty-four hunters left the village in high-spirits, ready to face the dangers of the hunt, and return victorious. Twenty-four hunters left this village and only twelve hunters returned alive. The fateful hunt stole the lives of three young Shifters and nine Humans, Huntmaster Gyan among them.

Stock Image - Baby Bison (Buffalo) at Yellowstone

© Photographer: Heather Jones | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Eye-witnesses tell us that Shifters in the shape of wolves, fell upon the herd, forcing them into the waiting hunters. Unprepared for the stampede, those who survived were either those who remained behind to clean the animals or those who were furthest from the animals path. It seems the rumors of another pack of Shifters encroaching on our territory have been proven true.

From the reports we gathered from the returning hunters, not only has the Wolf Clan has been hit a devastating blow, but it didn’t have to happen. Sources told us that the newest member of the clan, Þruðr warned Gyan of danger, and while she could give no details on why she was against the hunt, her predictions came true. Which leads us to believe another Norn has been brought to the village and we should listen to her, or she is in league with those who seek our territory.