Has the Nymph Kyala really fallen for a human?

In a strange turn of events yesterday, the forest nymph Kyala, daughter of Zeus and Mala, seems to have fallen in love with a lowly mortal. A human farmer no less, from a place called Nebraska circa 1899.

Could a relationship such as this really last?

“For about as long as he’s young,” her father Zeus was overheard to say. “She’ll tire of him when he ages.”

“I’d give it about a day,” a friend of Kyala told us. “She has the attention span of a gnat and the sex drive to match her father.

We went to Kyala’s home but she was unavailable for an interview. Her neighbor says she left in a huff for places unknown. Though it has been said that she visited a few disgruntled gods and goddess before disappearing.

Unlike many of the nymph’s running around the world, Kyala isn’t a powerless nymph, she’s immortal and has inherited some of her fathers gifts, including the tenacious ability to get the person they want. If Kyala has truly set her sights on the mortal Dave Larson, may the gods help him, because unless she’s distracted by another, she will have him.