Hades Released from Tartarus!

The news is spreading like wildfire through the camp this morning, Zeus has released no other than the infamous Hades. Imprisoned for the last 1,000 years by Coronus for reason unknown the common consensus seems to be that this isn’t good.

Most of us weren’t even a twinkle in our mother’s eye when Hades was captured by the Titans and imprisoned in Tartarus. Most of the rumors behind the reasons have been lost to time. But we do know the stories of Hades. Whether they are true or false, only a handful can say and they don’t seem to be speaking.

The most popular stories our mothers used to frighten us with, told of a dangerous daemon-god that wreak havoc across the land. That spit in the face of Coronus. That almost killed his wife in a jealous rage. Is this the true face of Hades? Or is the one that I’ve been seeing around the camp?

The daemon-god I was raised to fear would have sliced Ares to ribbons in the Fighter’s Arena. He would have slaughtered the servant that spilled stew in his lap. He would have stepped on the nymph that fell before him, not pick her up and set her on her feet. He would have rutted with the nymphs throwing themselves at him, or hiding in his bed. But to the best of our knowledge, Hades has kept to himself and taken no woman.

So who is Hades?