Who will be Queen of the Gods? Demeter or Hera?

Zeus threw the party of the century yesterday with smashing success. Not only did all the gods attend, but so did most of Zeus’ allies for the past ten years.  It wasn’t without its problems though.

There seemed to be a spat between Hera and Demeter over who will be Zeus Queen. Hera told us “Zeus promised the position! I bore him his first son and two children since. My right to be his bride is stronger than Demeter’s flimsy claim. She can’t even prove if her daughter is truly Zeus’.”

We tried to ask Zeus about it, but urge business kept him from saying much of anything. What we did catch seemed to be him threatening to castrate one of the gods and nail him to a tree for all eternity. We’re not sure as to who he meant, just glad to have escaped with our hides intact.

When Demeter was asked about it, she briskly told us, “Zeus promised the position to me as my daughter is his first-born. Besides Hera is too temperamental to be a good queen. He needs someone more level-head and down to earth.”

The common consensus among the gods doesn’t seem to be so clear-cut. 40% believe that Demeter will be queen. The other 40% believe that Hera is too determined not to be queen. While the rest of the 20% of the gods really couldn’t care less. One queen would be the same as another, and neither of the prime candidates can compare to Rhea, who was well-known as a benevolent if somewhat meddlesome Queen.