Could one God End the War? Eris thinks so

The war between Titan’s and Olympians has been raging for ten long years and while that might not seem a long time for many immortal beings, those of us who are mere mortals are suffering. So when word starts buzzing around Zeus’ war encampment that there might be a possible end in sight, we had to investigate.

Seems Eris knows of warrior with the skills necessary to end this war, and Rhea has made an appearance in the camp to help Eris plead her case before Zeus. This in itself seems strange since the two goddesses are usually at odds with each other, but even stranger is that no one seems to know the identity of this god.

We know that he reside in the Underworld and has for the past 1,000 years. We know that he is imprisoned in Tartarus. We know that he is a political prisoner of Coronus. However, we have yet to hear the identity of this man, or god. What were his crimes? Why has Coronus imprisoned him? And if Zeus goes to the Underworld to rescue him, what will he bring back with him, if he returns at all?