Letter from Kyala to Dave Larson

In response to an Resignation Letter from the Lady Roderick to Historical Romance Author Ruth Ann Nordin, Dave Larson created the Characters for Better Treatment Union, or CBTU for short.

While the Lady Roderick was suppose to be the first character to sign up for the CBTU, Ms. Nordin did some quick talking and convinced Lady Roderick that Lord Roderick might not be a bad character after all.

But that hasn’t stopped the  spread of the CBTU, Dave’s proclaimed #1 fan, the forest nymph Kyala has written him a letter of support and adoration.

My Dearest, Bravest Dave,

I’m sorry to hear about the betrayal of your dear author. How dare she turn her back on you to run away with some half-breed daemon-god?! You are a better man than Hades could ever be! You’re human! You’re decent! Not some killer pretending to be a good guy!

You are so under-appreciated for all you do to help out the others. I applaud you and all you do for those ungrateful characters. You’re trying to get justice for them and that horrible woman tramples all over you and twists their minds with her lies that they are truly happy. How can they be with all she puts them through?

My author was reading Claire’s story and I can tell you if given the choice of going back to that awful man or join your Characters for Better Treatment Union, I’d have been signing the paper. I would have backed you up. I would remain at your side, fighting the cause with you. They are all unworthy of such a great man.

Forever yours,

Kyala the tree nymph

We’re not sure what Dave’s answer maybe. But we hear that his author will be giving him the letter today. We’ll let you know what he has to say.

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