Writing and Superheroes

Usually I like being under the radar and out of anything resembling a spotlight. I prefer to work in peace. I prefer to work in the darkness.

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No, I’m not a superhero, although the paragraph above does have the sound of the Dark Knight Batman in it. What I am is a writer and an author. What I am is an obscure writer and author. I’ve spent most of my life trying to blend in and disappear. I guess I’ve made it an art form.

Reminds me of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the invisible girl. That would probably be me–minus the homicidal tendency and the bitter “I hate you all” attitude.

But I’m not a teen anymore hoping to stay out of the bullies way and endure their teasing. I’m an adult now with a flagging business that revolves around writing books and designing book covers. It doesn’t seem to matter that just about everyone who has read my books loves them (there are the few that have left reviews about how terrible they thought them to be), people aren’t buying them.

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For four days I received 30 to 60 hits a day on my main website. I know that isn’t a huge number for most people, but it is for me. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and in all that time the average hits I get in a day might reach 20. Right now it’s back down to 4.

For just a few moments I thought maybe, just maybe, I was going to pull out of this rut I’ve been in and sells my books. It doesn’t have to be a lot of books. I just want to sell enough books to support my family. Enough books that my husband can retire from one of his two jobs. He works full-time at the Department of Transportation plowing roads and then comes home from an eight to thirteen hour shift to work any spare-time on the ranch which is a full-time job in of its self. I do what I can to help, but there are just somethings that need two people to do and others that are just safer for two people.