Seems that Dave Larson has answered Kyala’s fan letter and I’m sure that everyone can agree that the answer is not the one she expected.

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Special note: Stephannie Beman felt sorry for Dave and created a character who would support Dave since no one else plans to.  😀


So I went to my inbox, and I notice an email addressed to Dave Larson.  This is the picture that was attached and the letter:

My Dearest, Bravest Dave,

I’m sorry to hear about the betrayal of your dear author. How dare she turn her back on you to run away with some half-breed daemon-god?! You are a better man than Hades could ever be! You’re human! You’re decent! Not some killer pretending to be a good guy!

You are so underappreciated for all you do to help out the others. I applaud you and all you do for those ungrateful characters. You’re trying to get justice for them and that horrible woman tramples all over you and twists their minds with her lies that they…

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