Þruðr to go on the Hunt. Will she make it?

The newest members of the tribe have settled into life.Despite our fears, they are showing themselves to be competent and useful members of the tribe. Munn is already making a name for himself as an artisan. His mate, Lyna, notwithstanding her advanced pregnancy is very active among the human members of the tribe, showing them how to harvest various plant matter for consumption.

Their daughter, Þruðr has made friends among many of the young men, although her presence in the village has been scarce leading up to the hunt, there are many that wonder at her skills. We’ve seen how well she does with snaring small prey, but how will she do hunting the bigger animals? Will she be able to keep up with the others?

A conversation between the Huntmasters’ was overheard and they too seem to worry about the unknown quality. As we spoke of last time (read the article here), there is some question as to her parentage. Is Þruðr more Human then Shifter or is more Shifter than Human?

While this might not matter to many, it does present a problem. Þruðr could be an asset to the hunting party or she could be liability. With so many hunters dying this year from accidents it makes us wonder if Þruðr will be another causality or if she will live to find a mate among the hunters and truly find her place among the Tribe. I guess we’ll know the answer when the hunters return.