Who is Þruðr? Human, Shifter, or Something else

The rumors are true. A family of outsiders have joined the Clan. Munn, his pregnant mate Lyna, and his daughter Þruðr. Most of us are not sure what Nord was thinking by accepting them. He says, “They bring skills and blood diversity to the clan.” But as many of us know, it means three more mouths to feed this winter.

As many of you young men are looking at toward Munn’s daughter we thought we’d refute the rumors that Lyna is Þruðr’s mother. Lyna was overheard to say that the child she carries is her first child and that Munn is the father. However, we were unable to gain any information about who Þruðr’s mother could have been.

We’ll agree that Þruðr is a fine looking woman of mating age and other than being related to chief adviser Hunn, has no blood-ties to any other family in the Tribe. But be wary, men, there is the possibility that Þruðr is a half-breed. We’re unable to authenticate or disprove the rumor that she is the shifter-human mix, only that if she is, she’s not the usual fusion of the races. One young man reported that “she has unnatural strength, even for a shifter woman in heat.”


When we tried to question the family, Munn, Lyna, and Þruðr closed up tight and refused to answer. Kitra shrugged and told us in her normal surly way to ask Hunn. “Didn’t ask, don’t care,” Tyr told us on his way to help Munn build the family’s hut. Hunn was no more talkative then the rest, which leaves us wondering, is she Human, Shifter, or something else?

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