A Message from the Larsons: Boycott Ruth Ann Nordin’s Books

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Dave: We come to you to bring to your attention something horrible that’s happened.  Our author, Ruth Ann Nordin, has turned her backs on us to make an utter fool of herself to some weirdo named Hades.  You can find the offensive letter here.  What we are asking is for everyone to boycott all of her books until she apologizes for treating us, her own characters, as if we don’t matter.

Tom: Hold on.  Who’s the guy on the left?

Richard: I’m Richard.

Joel: You mean, you finally made an appearance?

Richard: I’ve been in a few of the Nebraska books. 

Joel: But we’ve never seen you.  You’ve never come to this blog before.  It’s like you kind of existed but no one really gave you much thought.

Richard: That’s not fair.  A couple of her readers wondered if I’d ever get my own book, and since she decided to…

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