Hades #1 Fan is Boycotted by the Larson Boys

A few days ago Ruth Ann Nordin wrote a beautiful fan letter to Hades, who read it but refused to comment with his wife Persephone and Thanatos standing five feet away waiting for him to join them on the Olympian White Carpet. So we can only speculate on his reaction to A Letter to My Lord Hades, which may be viewed on her website.

From what we’ve been able to gather there is no relationship between Ruth and Hades, but a surprising turn of events might shed light on this most unusual relationship that might be developing between a human and a daemon-god. The Larson boys of Omaha Nebraska, circa 1890’s, have started a boycott of the Historical Romance Author’s books in light of her letter.

The ringleader and spokesman of the merry band of four brother had this to say, “This is about loyalty.  How can she be Hades’ #1 fan when she has created us?  She should be our #1 fan.  If it weren’t for me, no one would even know she wrote Eye of the Beholder… Uh… I mean, if it weren’t for us, no one would know she wrote anything.”

Ruth response to Dave’s comment was, “I think Dave’s wife might be interested to know that she had nothing to do with people liking Eye of the Beholder.  Contrary to what he thinks, his ego isn’t big enough to hold up the entire book.”

If you would like to read about the Boycott by the Larson boys, go to A Message from the Larsons: Boycott Ruth Ann Nordin’s Books.

17 thoughts on “Hades #1 Fan is Boycotted by the Larson Boys

  1. My Dork Hades,

    There is something seriously wrong with you. I mean, you lurk around gardens, hiding in the shadows and watching that sweet, innocent young woman dancing with her flowers. That’s not romantic. It’s the signs of a stalker. That is scary. Then you abduct her and take her to the Underworld and say she’s your bride? That is the mark of a psycho.

    And the fact that you’re not wearing a shirt on your cover suggests you’re a pervert. What kind of man goes around holding a sword and doesn’t wear a shirt? I don’t know what morals you grew up with, but in the late 1800s, we had more respect for ourselves. Please, do us all a favor and wear some clothes! God only know if you’re wearing pants. *shivers*

    You spend the whole book moping as if you’ve been handed one bad thing after another. Whatever. Get over it. My advice to poor Persephone is to get the heck out of there. She can do better somewhere else. As for your fans, they are delusional. I feel sorry for them and will be giving them the name of a good psychiatrist.

    Your #1 Enemy,
    Dave Larson


    • Hey, Dave, tell me something! When did you read the book? You seem to know a lot about it. Why do I get the feeling that your lurking around the farm with a copy of My Lord Hades tucked away in your coat, snatching moments of reading time in dark corners and behind haystacks and jumping at every sound because you’re a afraid to get caught reading a smutty book?

      Persephone 😀


      • To Persephone,
        It’s not the smut that bothers me. If it was, I would have read the kiddie version titled after you. The sex was the sole redeeming quality in the whole thing. If there had been more of it, maybe Hades wouldn’t have moped all the time. You’ll notice that Mary never holds out on me.
        No, I read it because my author, the very person who created me, has the nerve to ditch me and her other characters to chase after Hades. That really ought to worry you. Do you want him leaving you? I’d be careful and watch my back if I were you. I hear there are two crazy chicks (my author and someone named Joleene Naylor who cooks Mac and Cheese) who are ready to take your place.
        If you really love Hades, then you’d make it clear to those two that they need to focus on their own characters instead of Stephannie’s.

        From Dave (the only logical voice in this whole thing)


  2. Dear Hades-
    Please do not listen to Dave. Clothing is optional. The less the better.
    Thank you,

    P.S. I shall be watching these Ruth/Hades developments closely – ready to leap in and fill the gap if necessary *cough* Only, don’t let my characters know… I’ve seen what happens and… YIKES!


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  4. If it wasn’t for Hades and his kind, there would be no spice in the world. They are the ones that turn things upside down so we have DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA! And I say,” if you have it, flaunt it. No shirt Hades, especially if you have a killer set of pecs!”


  5. Also, thank you for following my blog, Writing Tips. Hope you continue to stop by. It’s always a pleasure.


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