Is Persephone Happy in the Underworld?

In the Olympical acclaimed novel, My Lord Hades, by human author Stephannie Beman, the story of Hades and Persephone was revealed to the world in a way never before written. It’s had some glowing reviews and it’s had some tarnished ones. But so far the book has held its own against naysayers.

Two years after the publication of My Lord Hades we hear that another book, this time about the promiscuous Aphrodite and her husband Hephaestus, will soon be gracing the eBook  shelf. What lies will be told this time? Whose story mangled?

It also lead to more questions. Was Persephone’s happily-ever-after in truth happy? Did Stephannie Beman lie in her book? Is Persephone still in the gloomy Underworld? And did she really go back to her husband willingly?

We wanted to know if Persephone was happy in the Underworld and tried to get an interview with Persephone or Hades, but the guard of the Underworld Cerberus was adamant that no one but the dead would enter, and since no one wanted to volunteer for death, we asked friends and family of the couple a few questions.

Demeter was pretty noncommittal, only saying, “Persephone chose her own path. She always has.” Thanatos was reported to have confirmed their happiness. That or he was very nicely threatening my lackey. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Ares, Apollo, and Hermes claim that Persephone is not only unhappy, she’s being held against her will by Hades. “She told me she wanted to marry me when we were alone in the garden,” Apollo told this reporter.

An avid fan, Ruth, had this to say, “Of course she’s happy.  Have you seen Hades?  That guy is not only HOT, but he’s got a tender heart.  If I wasn’t married, I’d shove her aside and take her place!”

Read Ruth’s letter…

10 thoughts on “Is Persephone Happy in the Underworld?

  1. Dear Hades,
    Should it really turn out that Persephone is unhappy, as has been suggested *cough*, and Ruth falls through, I would like you to know that I am also available. I think the underworld sounds like a fascinating place, and I doubt I would miss much up here – plus my mother is old and doesn’t get out much so you would not have to worry about the annoying mother-in-law aspect. Did I mention I can cook? (sure, I don’t do it often, but I *can*). Anyway, it was just a thought.

    (HAHAHAHAHAAHA! This was awesome!)


  2. Come, come, you two, no need to fight. You two almost make me want to do a wanted ad for Hades.

    “Wanted in need of new wife. Old one…ah….she left…suddenly. I promise.” looks around in a shady way


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