A Letter to My Lord Hades

Loved this Letter from Ruth Ann Nordin to Hades!

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Disclaimer: This post is for fun.  There’s this book by Stephannie Beman which she and I started co-writing back in 2008. 

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What happened so that my name didn’t end up on it? 

I decided I wanted to dedicate my time to writing historical westerns, specifically books about the Larsons.  Stephannie had plans to expand the series based off the Greek myths, and I decided to release my part of the book to her.  So she is now the full copyright owner of the book.  She is working on Aphrodite’s book, Loving the Goddess of Love, as we speak, and she has plans for more.  So you see, I wanted to go in another direction.  I love the Larsons the most of all the men I’ve written.  I have plans to write at least 30 Nebraska books in addition to the Regencies…

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