New Cover! Death’s Lover

Thanatos affair with Demeter is long over and his heart has since healed from the pain of her rejection. But the woman who now catches his eye, is a woman beyond his reach, a woman that he loves like he never loved another, a woman whose painful past calls to him to heal. But is it possible for a Potogenoi daemon of death to heal?

I was going to let everyone vote for the cover they liked best for Death’s Love. However, there was one major glitch: Thanatos. I looked and looked for a platinum blond hottie with a goatee. I didn’t think it would be impossible to find.

The blondes were closer to brunettes. The cute ones looked like children or teenagers. Many of them were too modern for me to even mess with. Others had people in the picture which just wouldn’t work for his love interest. And the one picture I found, which had all my criteria, was of a crazed man. Don’t believe me?

Loved this model! I might have to use him in another cover. πŸ˜€

Not sure why, but this guy either looks constipated or very bored. That is such a fake, sad smile. "Help! Save me! Please..."

This is the one that might have worked, except all his other pictures looked like a psycho mental patient escaped the psych ward πŸ˜›

He would have been perfect, but all his pictures were too modern. Though Thanatos in a jacuzzi would have been fun πŸ˜€

Yeah...Not going to say much about this one. I think it speaks for itself.

A little young, but I could have made do if there had been a decent picture in the bunch


In the end I settled for the one guy that worked reasonably well. Yeah, yeah. I know. I settled. My Mom would be so ashamed of me. *hangs head in shame, though there is this strange smile on my lips*

Regardless of my settling, you have to admit he looks good and he looks even better next to his love interest. πŸ˜€

So without further rambling, here is the cover to Death’s Lover, Thanatos’ story.

There! Now wasn’t that worth the wait, and the rambling?

7 thoughts on “New Cover! Death’s Lover

  1. The second guy is the one I’ve used for one of my characters in a couple of posts. LOL I really like the first one, but the hair color is off, sadly. But as you said, maybe we’ll get to see him again. πŸ™‚

    It’s a great cover!

    How did you get the guy’s pants black? I haven’t been able to change colors yet.


    • LOL Some of his other pictures didn’t look bad, but they didn’t work for what I needed. Maybe if I do a different book.

      I loved the first one, wish there was a character he’d work with, but sadly none that I can think of yet.

      I made a duplicate layer and erased everything except his pants, then I used the hue and saturation widget to darken them to black. It was easier and more natural then trying to paint them black. Which was what I did for the mockup. πŸ˜€


  2. HAHAHAHA! I got a kick out of your comments – YES!! hot men that are just right seem to be a hard, hard thing to find. Guy #1 should be used somewhere…. πŸ˜‰ I like the one you ended up with. As I often tell people, the cover doesn’t have to be exact, it just has to portray the feel and the basics. (then we see how many hours I spend trying to make my own exact – aka why I started drawing them in the first place! ha!)

    Looks good, btw! πŸ˜€


    • They’re near impossible! And no matter how I have to manage it guy #1 and guy #3 will make it into one of my book covers. I think my biggest problem with Thanatos is that he’s too outlandish for his time so trying to find a rep of him was hard. Though I will say that I’m happy with my choice.

      LOL on the drawing your covers. I wish could draw, but that wasn’t one of the talents I inherited from my mom. Though were I inherited writing from I’ll never know. πŸ™‚


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