What I’m Reading ~ Be a Sex Writing Strumpet

Stacia Kane has published more than a dozen romances and urban fantasies, with publishers like Ellora’s Cave, Pocket, Del Rey, and HarperVoyager. Now she opens her bag of tricks to show you how you too can write the scenes that readers crave.
From setting the scene to consummating the union, Stacia takes you all the way. She reveals the tricks of the professional author, step by step (with examples taken from her own and others’ writing), giving practical advice you can use in your own books. Be a Sex-Writing Strumpet is like a master class in erotic fiction. (Jim Macdonald)

I started reading, Be a Sex Writing Strumpet by Stacia Kane yesterday. This is the first non-fiction book in a long while I’ve picked off the virtual shelves. I’m hoping that the sexy information contained between the pages of this book will help me improve my sex scenes now that I’ve come to grips with my genre.  

Yeah, I know, it took me long enough to realize that I write romance and erotic romance novels that aren’t your normal formula romance. But at least I figured it out. Even if it did take me a year and a half.

As of today I’m about 30% into the book and I’m taking a notebook worth of notes. I love how Ms. Kane has taken a sex scene and boiled in down to it’s 4 basic elements.

1-Reveal something about the characters.

2- Reveal something about their relationship.

3-Advance the story and/or increase tension.

4- Lastly, a sex scene should arouse the reader.

While these elements are along the lines of “duh,” I’ve also noticed that they can be overlooked and even ignored in the writing of a book. I can’t wait to she what else I can learn and start to apply what I’ve learned to enhance my writing and my sex scenes.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading ~ Be a Sex Writing Strumpet

  1. So many people think all a sex scene is a romp in bed, but it’s one of the most complex scenes to write because you are revealing more about the characters, advancing the plot, and contributing to the romance part of the book….all while being stimulating. Hey, when I read or write a scene where people are eating, I get hungry. If a character gets hurts, I feel that, too. So why shouldn’t a sex scene be arousing? We should experience everything the character does when we read a book, good and bad. That’s what makes for a memorable book. 😀


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