20 Things I Love

20. Dogs and other animals

19. Cats ~ I have a revolving door for cats, mostly strays that come looking for food and stay. Our oldest is Kovo who has to be about 20+ years that my husband found as a feral stray in the shop. Patchey who was D’s ex’s cat but wanted nothing to do with moving from the ranch. Last year, we lost Little Miss Kitty who never came back from her summer forging in the meadow, Puss-in-Boots who had taken to living in the neighbors mouse-infested barn, and Shadow a feral kitten I’d found December 2009. And this year we gained Darkness.

18. British Columbia, Canada ~ For about thirteen months I lived out of the country of my birth and in various cities in Canada. I love the territory and hope to return for a visit one day. 😀

17. Washington State ~ I’ve always been fond of the sate of my birth, especially the coast.

16. The Ocean ~ I was born in Washington State by the coast and I remember visiting my Grandparents on the San Juan Islands, three blocks from the water. I’ve always loved the brine scent of the ocean and the crash of the waves have always calmed me.

15. The Forest ~ For the same reason I love the ocean, I love the forest. I grew up with the evergreen lodge-pole pines. Nothing better than walking on the beach with the smell of pine and salty ocean filling your nose.

14. The Sunrise ~ I love the beauty found with the rising of the sun, when all is new and the light brings to life that which was hidden

13. The Sunset ~ I love when the spirits of the sky paint a masterpiece of color into the world as the darkness falls, lending an air of  mystery to the world.

12. Watching my daughters playing in the Summer, definitely not in the Winter. Ick, hate the cold!

11. Chocolate and others sweets ~ Love these treats so much, I can’t keep them in the house. 😀

10. Ice Cream ~ Come on, who doesn’t love this cold, delectable treat!

9. Long walks in nature ~ Not much more I can add to this.

8. Coffee and Herbal Tea ~ I don’t think I could do without these. I love to experiment with different flavors and even creamers. Follow me Twitter to learn more of this love for coffee and tea.

7. Corsets, skirts, and stockings ~ It’s a little known fact that I love these three articles of clothes and would fill my wardrobe with them if they were practical items of dress on a ranch. Sadly, they are not and so I refrain for more practical clothing, reserving my favorites for special occasions. 😀

6. Books ~ I’ve loved books since I was three-years-old and could look at the pictures and pretend to read the words I knew from memory.

5. Writing ~ For writers, this is self-explanatory. For all others, think of something you can’t do without, and this is what writing does for me. It’s something I enjoy and hate to do without. I think everyone else who knows me would think the same.

4. Sex ~ Enuf said!

3. My family ~ My parents and siblings were my first family and are in many ways my best of friends. I love my two sisters, two brothers, and my two parents.

2. My loving daughters, T and K, my angels

AND #1. My awesome husband!

What are some things that you love?

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